Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Restart is the answer

I have learned through my primitive experience with the computer that when I face a problem that I cannot solve, which is the usual, I restart my computer before asking for help. Fortunately it works most of the time. A similar thing applies to several other instruments. If your mobile or even desk telephone stops obeying your commands, switch it off then on again. If the router stops sending signals, disconnect from power then reconnect. Even the car engine, when it stumbles, sometimes returns to a smooth running when you switch it off then on.
I wish it was the same with human beings. If you get an illness that doctors cannot help much with, you just push a button and restart! If you face problems that you cannot solve and life becomes intolerable, you just restart! If you make a disastrous mistake and you cannot correct it, you just restart. If you become old and suffer the physical, mental and psychological ailments of advanced age you just restart!

Monday, January 10, 2011

غياب المثكلة في بعض رسائل الماجستير

كتبت هذه المقالة قبل سنين طويلة ولكنها تنطبق الان كما كانت في حينها! واعتذر عن الاخطاء اللغوية التي حدثت أثناء طباعتها
من فضلك انقر على المقالة لاظهارها